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Round & Round We Go On Life’s Carousel

As we ride this merry-go round we call life, often times we are faced with hardships and negative people. The stress of those events and people can be crippling on ones self-esteem and we are left with the numbing feeling of being flustered, vulnerable and hurt.

Life sucks, we know that. It’s a constant uphill battle, paved with loose gravel and with each step, you are constantly slipping. Life comes in waves, the constant barrage of bills, health scares, death and diseases. No wonder as a society we are clinically depressed and heavily medicated just to deal with said shit.

In a world filled with wrong doings, snarky remarks, constant pressure and hate. It’s sometimes overwhelming and difficult to find the good in people and when a good act is done upon us, we often question it’s purpose or if there’s a catch to it.

It’s a cynical feeling almost, in the way of “why is this person being nice to me and what do they want?”

The seed of doubt is often planted in our minds by past experiences with those who have wrong us. Always wondering if there’s a second motive to each action which can be quite stressful and irritating.

although we must remember that not all people are struck with the flag of negativity. Important qualities we find in people, are comforting. Trust is a huge quality we all look for in a person and in a world of unexplained actions, trust is a hard quality to find.

Life’s hard enough and here we are constantly trying to make it harder by stiring shit on those we don’t like. Gossiping. Telling rumors. Attacking and assaulting those who don’t submit or agree with your opinion…f**k those people, your never going to please them so why waste your time trying.

Fortunately we all find a crutch to help us stand against the crashing waves of life and the swarming congregation of ill-toungued people.

Some of us find religion. Most of us find love. Some find the endless bottom of a bottle and others light the end of a cigarette. Inevitably we find something or someone to help battle the unbeatable goliath called life and it makes everything easier and worth going through.

So when life gets you down and work has you stressed out. Be like the lost children of Neverland, find your happy thought. Think about the one you love. The beers shared among friends. The pretty girl who smiled at you that one time. Anything positive to occupy your mind to help get you through the day.

The only thing that should matter to anyone is the ones that love you and want to be surrounded by your presence. Don’t waste your time and energy on changing the opinions of others to shine a better light on yourself. Devote the effort to those who already know you’re an amazing person. So to tell it in laymen terms, let the haters hate and surround yourself with those who appreciate.

         “Stop watering dead plants”                                  ~anonymous


The Modern Typewriter

Lucas Durelle


The First Experience

Everyday, we experience something new. From the time of being an infant and taking your first steps to saying your first bad word your uncle taught you.

To being a kid and going to the first day of school and making your first best friend, ready to conquer the world.

The first time you get behind the wheel of a car and you feel your foot on the gas pedal, is an amazing experience. When your driving down the road with your favorite song blaring over the radio and the sun sets in the distance as a warm glow of orange covers your face.
A sense of freedom draws over you as you realize you could go anywhere the road will lead you. The traffic is zooming by as you catch the small glimpses of blurred people on the side-walk and the land is covered in green grass and grey asphalt. You feel a sense of comfort. A sense of ease. A sense of accomplishment.

When you get a little older and your age hits into those dreaded teen years. You begin to develop who you are as a person, by experiencing new taste of music, clothes and friends and trying to find your own lifestyle in the mix of things.

The first time you sneak your first drink of liquor you stole from your parents liquor cabinet, hoping your parents don’t notice the liquor bottle is a little lighter than it use to be.

Experiencing college years for the first time is an amazing experience, It could be a drunken haze of excitement and partying or a chance to recognize ones self. The constant pressure of deadlines and test while being inspired by learning something your interested in. Figuring out what you want in life and what makes you the person you are.

Experiencing love for the first time is truly a scary, lustful, exciting, wonderful feeling wrapped in a ball of anxiety.

When you nervously go on your first date, not knowing if you’re gonna make enough small talk to make the night interesting. Cautiously attempting to hold hands as you walk closely together. As the night grows cold and you feel her pressed up against you as you make your move and you watch as her trembling lips grow closer to yours. The first feeling of cautiously kissing someone you like and the overwhelming feeling of joy as they kiss you back. The silence that follows with a trembling smile. The passion between two people, It’s almost like poetry.

The first time your heart is broken and everything seems grey, cold, empty and nothing makes sense in the world. You don’t know how to mend it back again until someone comes along and sew the pieces back together and the one you use to care about is nothing more than another chapter in the big book of your life.

The first time your out on your own in that big open world as an adult and life slaps you in the face with taxes, rent and bills that are over due while working a job that doesn’t pay enough to cover it all.

While all that does sound scary and stressful, it is merely a small spec of sand in the grand scheme of adult life. Freedom to do what your passionate for and experiencing new things is the biggest upside of being an adult.

Just because you age and as life happens, and you don’t land that dream job but you luckily find someone you love and you get married, have children and build that white picket fence you hear everyone talking about. What more can you ask for?. As long as you aim for happiness and new experiences, you will never miss out on the big game of life.

I find some of my most interesting experiences come in the form of conversation with people, I wouldn’t normally converse with.

Recently while I was sitting on a bench, taking my break from work. I was encountered by an old man carrying a very heavy book bag, he sat down next to me with tattered clothing and bummed a smoke. We sat there in silence for a few minutes when I realized that I should be asking him what his story was.

He went on to tell me that he doesn’t know where he went wrong in life but he knows the world isn’t like it use to be when he was young. I sat with him for the duration of my break, just talking about nothing and when I turned to leave he said something that I found to be quite astonishing.

“Times are a changing, People are too afraid to talk to each other anymore.”

Sadly, He’s right. Throughout the day, we do very little for the people around us, even though some are strangers, we should try to take the time to experience what we have to say and do for each other because in the end, that’s all we are. Just people trying to survive this hurricane shit storm of a world and make friends while we do it.

So go out in that big scary world and experience new things. Watch the sun as it sets over still waters, Compliment a stranger that has an awesome t-shirt that you think is cool. Experience something new for the first time.

Tell someone they are beautiful and watch as there smile lights up the room. Travel to exotic places and taste the food and wines of their world.

Do what excites you, Do things that you want to experience in your life. Jump in head first and be adventurous. We all share a common experience and that experience is called life.

As Always


The Modern Typewriter

Lucas Durelle

Time And The Forgotten Word Called Boredom.

Time.. A man made conception built to be used by people who have their shit together. Unfortunately I am not one of those people and if you meet someone who says they are, well don’t believe a word they ever say again.

The truth is that I’m usually 5 minutes late for work, every morning, guaranteed. No matter how early I wake up or how prepared I am the night before, I seem to awkwardly walk into work during that morning meeting and be greeted by nervous eyes and uh oh smiles.

Having said that, It’s not being lazy or unorganized. It’s simply living in the moment with a hint of procrastination and when you’re a procrastination, time is a bitch always working against you.

My old man always told me, “You don’t realize how fast time goes by until you get older” and it’s true. I never noticed time until I met my wife and we had 3 beautiful children. I fondly remember sleeping in until noon and staying up past 1:00 am watching movies and playing video games, just being care free and not worrying about scheduling or time.

Now however, is the complete opposite. I believe that many parents and adults will agree that trying to balance between work and family life alone is tedious and time-consuming without adding a social life and personal hobbies in the mix as well.

The truth here is that, none of us have a lot of time to do the things that we truely want to do anymore. Life went ahead and got itself too busy and here we are, rapidly aging while we miss out on the little things in life-like watching our children grow up and learning new things. Enjoying the company of good friends or trying to find the time to write an article on your weekly blog. Nobody has time for spontaneous fun anymore.

We, as a society, are constantly trying to fill in any boredom we can with as much as we can fill it with. I remember the big thing in the 90’s was when you were sitting around with your friends and their was nothing to do and with a sighing breath you would say “I’m bored” …A statement that is no longer spoken in our busy lives today.

Boredom has vanished as the rise of technology and social media has risen to an all time high and I’m not complaining. I’m constantly on my phone either Googling, Redditing or on Facebook and that is the problem. Hardly ever do I, as an individual or we as a group take moments of life and enjoy them without constantly gazing at our small illuminated screens to fill in those awkward silences.

Rarely, do we ever just live in the moment and enjoy our surroundings. Hardly ever do we go to a concert to enjoy the performance of the band without documenting our own existence of being there or enjoying our food while it’s hot and ready to eat without taking a few minutes to capture a photo of the perfectly made cheeseburger with the appropriate amount of sesame seeds so we can post it on Instagram and look back throughout the years and fondly remember that beautiful burger on that very non-eventful day…..yeah.

We’re busy, plain and simple. Time is slipping away and we can’t control that. So take moments of life as it is, just day by day. Go ahead and take a couple extra minutes out of your busy schedule to do the things that you enjoy. Hug the one you love a little longer or have that second cup of coffee in the bright light of the morning as the sun rises. Be alittle less worried about time and alittle more focused on life.

The worlds wont end because you went outside your schedule and did something spontaneous. Tomorrows another day to try to be better at managing time.

Lets Put our phones down and engage in conversations with the ones that surround you. Leave your work life at work and go home and enjoy the rest of the day with the ones you love and take the time to stop and smell the proverbial roses and live in the moment because you might look back one day when your time is up and the only thing you want back are those precious moments that you missed.

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you actually left them” ~ Andrew Bernard

Thank you


The Modern Typewriter

Lucas Durelle

Who’s Modern Typewriter? And He Said What?

Often times, people will ask you what do you do for a living? In an age of labels and titles, it can be difficult to describe who you are as a person. I was recently asked what my style of writing is and truth be told, all I know is that I’m simply a writer.

I like capturing the stories of others and my own ideas on paper and simply releasing them into the world like the unboxing of flying doves at a wedding. I don’t have one area that I stick with or a niche.

My writing styles tend to differ from topic to topic, how I convey myself during an interview article is not how I would convey myself if I was writing a novel or a personal blog. Hell, how I convey myself socially isn’t how I portray myself in my writing.

I do know that the one thing I want to achieve in my writing is to give my readers just a moment of entertainment, a moment of reflection and maybe an eye-opening experience if I’m going to be posh.

In a previous blog, I introduced a new segment called Miramichi Spotlight which highlights local talent from the great city of Miramichi NB.  The segment allows me to reach out to the community and provide an uncensored platform for artist to share their passion with the community. I find that when I meet these artist it’s not about questions and answers, it’s about the conversation, the message they are trying to get across.
Recently I had the opportunity to interview a couple of local musicians and not only did the artist enjoy the conversation but also enjoyed the opportunity to talk about their upcoming projects and being able to speak their mind without censorship or a planned agenda. it was simply a good conversation.

Over the last couple of days, I talked to one of my readers and the individual stated that even though they thought my content was good, they didn’t feel that I should include profanity in my writing, that it’s not professional. Let’s clarify this shall we?

I agree that the over use of profanity can damper the message that is trying to be conveyed, although I’m nowhere near a professional yet, I find profanity can be used as a tool to set the tone of the conversation while capturing the humanity of the interview or the article I am writing. Can you imagine a world without colorful language or a tone of voice?, sounds boring and something you would see on an old black and white propaganda films. It’s impossible to censor anyone in this day and age and why should we be so quick to censor? If we feel the need to add color to our language then it should be expressed freely.

I know, for myself, when I write, I like to capture each moment of excitement, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, happiness or attitude of the conversation to add to the scenery of the topic.

I believe creating a portrait with only text is achievable with enough detail and attention. If I find the use of profanity can capture the heat of the moment, I will not be reluctant to include it in any article
I like providing the opportunity of an uncensored platform for myself and artist to speak their mind and talk about what excites them and their passion which allows the reader to be apart of the conversation and seeing the person at their most comfortable.

If you take anything away from this piece, I hope it’s the fact that you as the reader, individually, shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself and vocalize what you want in life!

The one thing you have to remember, it’s your life, no one else’s. Convey yourself and your passion in any manner of your choosing. Opportunity isn’t going to find you, you have to find the opportunity.

So go ahead, swear a little, drink that fourth beer, talk to that pretty girl you’ve been too scared to talk to and simply enjoy who you are and be proud of what you’re accomplishing in life.

I’m going to end this article with a quote that I found to be profound.

“When the whole world tells you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world” — “No, YOU move.”

Thank you


The Modern Typewriter

Lucas Durelle

Never Take That Second Guess 

In my last post, I was on a mission to pursue my career in writing and I decided to put myself out there despite any negative reaction that I may have received, hell you don’t know what you’re gonna get unless you try for it right?, So that’s what I did, I tried.

That day I decided to write down every little thought I could possibly come up with, I’d open up my writing app on my phone and just start typing. Not necessarily knowing where I was going and if I didn’t know the direction I was going with the writing, I would simply read what I wrote and think of a different road to take it down.

So while I was at work, I ran into a friend of mine who was on a committee for a local festival and I decided to take my chance and offer my writing services, I offered to write a mock-up and submit it to the committee and he agreed.

That night I went home and just began writing, I attempted to romanticized the idea of the subject. How I would feel in that situation and used that to fuel my creative juices.

After I was done furiously typing those keys, I was left satisfied with my results and I’m nervously excited for people to actually read something I worked on.

I was about to email the article to the committee head when I was starting to second guess myself. Which is always a terrible feeling and an even more terrible idea to act on it, which I did.

I decided to include a formal written intro and make my piece sound a little more business than romanticized. It had facts and dates and just other formality’s that I felt needed to be included. Once that was completed I emailed it off and waited for the first scheduled meeting the next day.

The meeting was scheduled at a local coffee shop which was nice because if there’s one thing I enjoy in this world, is a damn fine cup of coffee. I walked into the room and we all said hello and shook hands and took a seat. I introduced myself to the head of the marketing team and we began. I was handed the revised and edited version of my article and to my surprised they loved it and only minor changes were asked and again to my surprise, the changes they wanted to exclude was the formality’s that I begrudgingly added during my second guessing period. I ensured them I was correct the changes and email it back upon its completion.

The meeting went well and I left that day with a feeling of accomplishment. It was nice. I immediately called my wife to tell her the good news and that I was hired on to write 10 pieces for the festival.

If you take anything away from this piece it should be that no matter what it is you want to do in this crazy thing we call life, it’s putting yourself out there. Taking that giant leap of faith and hoping you know what you’re getting yourself into. If it’s going to bring a positive change to your life. do it!. what’s the worst that can happen?. Failure is only when you give up on something that you believe is achievable.

The second thing is to never second guess yourself. If your comfortable with what you have done why would you second guess it? that was my mistake and luckily it was minor.

Once again thanks for reading the modern typewriter and have a yourself a damn cup of coffee and go after what you want.

The Modern Typewriter Luke

The Road To Modern Typewriting

As a child, you were often asked the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” the child you once where would say the professions that excited you the most at that time of age, you could have said a police man, a fireman, a doctor, a cowboy or the man on the moon but as you grow older you begin to realize the effects of your surrounds, your education, peers, co-workers, employers and your parents.

As you age, your chance at those dreams begin to shrink and shrink until it’s nothing more than a distant fond memory that you day-dream about to escape the harsh reality of the current path you are on. Very few people are fortunate enough to achieve their life goals and dreams and are proud with their accomplishments.. Unfortunately for the majority of us we have fallen into a comfortable slump, a place where we are neither disappointed or overly excited with our choices and sometimes we sink further into that slump and forget about our past goals and dreams just because we are comfortable.

Making excuses for our life choices is a great game we all play, we tell ourselves each and every day that it could be worse, we could be homeless, unemployed, starving, suffering from a disease  and most of the time we are correct, it could be worse ..but what if we started saying to ourselves each day while we drank our cup of coffee that it could be better. “this coffee could be better”, “this food could be better”, “my job and pay could be better”, “my health could be better”, “my happiness could be better”. “my life could be better” and that’s the key phrase “my life could be better” and why shouldn’t it.Lets stop making excuses and start making promises to ourselves. you could start with a very small promise that is easily fulfilled and achievable or it could be a huge terrifying promise that could shake things up and bring a positive change to your life.

I sat down the other night and decided I’m done with just having the bare minimum, I’m done with making less money then i should be making, providing less for my family then I should be providing. I should be looking forward to my future and being progressive with what i want to do with my life.

I’m not going to lie I am scared and terrified of changing and putting myself out there and being vulnerable and possibly not succeeding of becoming a writer but not as scared as I am with not doing anything with the life I was given, not at least taking this year and devoting it to a passion that might open new roads and a greater well-being.

I will make an effort each and every day to achieve the dream of being a professional writer and update my post often with any progress that I achieve and I encourage all my readers to do the same, go out in that big blue world and leave a footprint that your proud of.

So in short of it all, the big picture here is to jump back into whatever your passionate about, What gets you excited?What do you want to achieve with your life? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Because we never really stop growing up. With each minute that pass, we grow older and older and each day is different from the last.

Remember ,let’s turn around the saying “It could be worse” to “It could be better” because that’s what we should all strive for, some pursuit of happiness…something better.

Thank you


The Modern Typewriter Luke