Miramichi Spotlight: Escape Miramichi

Are you ready for a fun-filled adventure? one that can boggle your mind and flare up your frustrations! Are you ready to team up with your friends and put your collective minds together and attempt to escape a locked room in under an hour?  If your feeling up for a fun date night or a good time with your friends , you need to check out Escape Miramichi! A place where you can work together with your closest friends and co-workers to race against the clock and out your minds together and escape one of the 4 rooms!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kim H ,Jacqueline P and Samantha F. the masterminds behind Escape Miramichi for an interview with Modern-typewriter!

Since the announcement of Escape Miramichi last year, I heard nothing but good things from co-workers and friends about how exciting and thrilling it is to participate in one of the rooms held at Escape Miramichi. I was shocked when I asked the group how Escape Miramichi was created and founded and was immediately impressed by the determination of these women to keep their organizations alive.

Kim H: “In 2014, a group of non profits got together and formed Change Miramichi, 5 organizations that are working together to raise funds to help each other in their efforts. When we began fundraising, we wanted to do something bigger! What we ended up with was  Miramichi Escape! The five groups tallied their resources, took the money we made for the first year we were together and we opened Escape Miramichi. So the 5 organizations are running the escape room plus our own non for profits at the same time.”

I would like to take a moment to include that Non-Profit organizations are the back bone in a structural society. Many non-profit organizations are run by a committee of people who are simply trying to improve the life of the community around them and sacrifice a lot of time and devotion to aid the community. In Canada alone, non-profit organizations employ over 2 million people. I asked Kim what were the five non-for profit organizations that ran Escape Miramichi

Kim H: “Volunteer Miramichi, Camp Sheldrake, Miramichi Youth House, Glenelg Youth Alliance and the Miramichi SPCA”

Inspired by their admiration and devotion to the community of miramichi. I sat back and listened to what these women had to say about their organizations outside of Escape Miramichi.

Since 2014, Kim H has been working with Change Miramichi; A collective group of non-profit organizations who have joined together to raise funds and promote positive change within the Miramichi. Jacqueline P works on behalf of Camp Sheldrake ; A non-profit camp that runs eight weekly programs through July and August for children and youth from ages of 8-17 and provides the youth of Miramichi memorable experiences in camping! Samantha F works on behalf of the Miramichi Youth House; A positive environment that assist at risk youth. Allowing the youth to grow up in a stable and healthy environment.

Unfortunately the other two women were not able to attend the interview but I was able to find out who they were and their roles in the community.  Karen A runs the Glenelg Youth Alliance and Jennifer A who runs the local S.P.C.A;  A private and independent non-profit organization that provides a safe and nurturing environment to stray animals.

These five organizations are working tirelessly together to keep their own organizations afloat. With a 20 dollar entry fee per person, each ticket sold at Escape Miramichi is actually benefiting own community by providing funding to these five non for profit organizations.

With collective minds, the group of women have done extensive research in other escape rooms in places like Fredericton and Moncton to help inspire their creativity in creating an escaped room. I asked Kim how many escape rooms were available to participate in

Kim H: “Right now we have 4 rooms running plus we have a mobile unit that we can take to festivals and events! Each room is an hour-long and the mobile room is 15 minutes.”

With the Tall-ship festival over the past weekend here in Miramichi, The girls created a pirate themed escape room! 20170713_165449

Kim: “Our newest room is pirates treasure that we opened up last weekend during the Tall ship Festival. We have Virus, Cabin Fever and Down the rabbit hole. Down The Rabbit Hole is our longest running room and is probably going to be the next one we will close.”

I asked Kim what “Down the Rabbit Hole was about?”

Kim H: “Your essentially Alice in wonderland!, and your going down the rabbit hole and its all Alice and wonderland themes with the tea party and everything!”


Samantha went onto explain the next room called Virus!


Samantha: “Virus is about, the city of Miramichi has been taken over by a virus and your objective is to find the antidote!. So you have to put different chemical components together to find the solution that is ultimately going to save yourself and your friends!”

The Last room is entitled “Cabin Fever”

Kim H: “Cabin fever; your essentially in the mountains and in a cabin and there’s an avalanche and your stuck in the cabin! so you have to figure out where you are so you can radio for help..”
Samantha F: “It’s based around coordinated and survival!”


The Girls expressed interest in generation 2 to include and Host Birthday Parties and to create a kid friendly room!

I was provided with statistical evidence on the rate of escape for each room.

Sam: ” Virus would have a 32% escape rate…Cabin would have a 30% escape rate..Down the Rabbit hole has a 46% rate and Pirate treasure is too new to figure out!

The Girls were confident that I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to escape or leak clues when I started exploring each room and I have to say, They were right!

Kim H: “You can walk into the room and you’re not going to figure out 1 thing!, the rooms are very bare you really have to think

Samantha F: “The Game is really focused on critical thinking and working as a team”

Jacqueline P: “It’s risk taking! When you go into the room, you really have no clue what to do, there’s no starting point!”

Creating a room can be very difficult and challenging, Kim added a humorous note when asked how a room was created

Kim H: “I always say, oh my god, a bunch of middle age women working together creating escape rooms! how did this happen?”

After a shared laugh, she continued to explain the process of creating an escape room!

Kim H: “When it comes to themes, we build the room around the props that are available. “

Although Escape Miramichi is a fun-filled adventure, there have been incidents where participants have been rowdy and asked to leave

Samantha F: “One issue we have run into is people being destructive to the rooms, tearing down the walls, I don’t know if when there in there and the frustration is mounting and they can’t escape on their own and they figure they are going to deconstruct the room to escape!”It’s not survival, it’s about critical thinking!

Kim also added that during the clean up of each room, One item is almost always found.

Kim H: ” When they are going into the room to reset them, they often find hair clips or bobby pins on the floor to pick the locks! We ask participants not to do that because it takes away from the fun of the game and also could potentially damage the props as well!”

Escape Miramichi has a promotion right now until August 10th where you can purchase 3 tickets and receive a fourth for free!

Escape Miramichi is an amazing night of fun-filled adventure! so get your friends together and attempt to beat the clock and escape one of the 4 rooms! and remember with every ticket purchased, you are helping your local non-profit organizations that keep our city and our communities alive.

I would like to thank Kim H, Samantha F and Jacqueline P for sitting down with Modern typewriter and expressing interest in the article!

Thank You


The Modern-Typewriter

Lucas Durelle









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