Miramichi Spotlight: Gig & Groove

You want the latest updates on your favorite local musicians? A place where you can find all the latest gigs, artist info and stunning photos of all your local celebrities and everything in that matter with just a few simple clicks? If there is something musical happening on Miramichi, You can bet your ass that the first place you will hear about it, is through Gig & Groove.

Throughout the course of Modern-Typewriter, I have talked to many local musicians and there is always one name that gets thrown my way to do an interview with, and that name is Wynn Curtis! While I was searching through Facebook, I came across his page called Gig & Groove and was immediately amazed by all the hard work and effort that Wynn has put into his magazine.

I published my first article on Dillon Ryan and was immediately messaged by Wynn Curtis and was complimented on my writing styles, I was amazed and flattered that such a well established writer took the time to contact me. Naturally I began chatting with Wynn about Gig & Groove and if he was interested in doing a spotlight piece, sure enough he said yes.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to meet at the time due to conflicting schedules, so we had our interview conducted over messaging.

To kick things off, I asked Wynn what G&G is all about?

Wynn: “G&G was officially born on Nov 23, 2015, after a couple of years of writing about & promoting original gigs through my own personal FB page, we went onto creating a Facebook mag page that’s aimed at individuals on the move, socially and in their way of thinking. It’s a gig info page, both for artists and for people looking where their favorite artists are gigging.

G&G is set up to promote the art of music. I find it inspiring. So I want to help to get “the word” out there. G&G is also a forum for passionate writers of gigs & music releases, experiences, etc. to get their written word “out there” for all interested readers to see.

I love to write about & photograph artists so the above was my initial idea. But it’s sort of taken on a life of its own, due to what’s available, material-wise, money-wise and time-wise.”

Jack B (operator of Music Miramichi) gave me the final push to get G&G up and going, during a “gigs ideas think tank meeting” that he & I had in the Fall of 2015. The “Downtown Live” series was also conceived out of that meeting”

Downtown Live was a series of original artists showcases that happened over the Winters of 2016 & 2017. In total, over 20 bands & artists played the Saturday night gigs.

After searching through post history and noticing numerous notifications from G&G, I was shocked to find out that for the time being, Wynn Curtis is the sole contributor to  G&G.

Wynn: “Unfortunately, for the time being…. Yes, it’s only I that runs G&G, with a bit of assistance from my partner, Sandra S, from time to time. The initial idea to draw in a group of writers & photographers together as a like-minded team didn’t really take off. But G&G has intermittently shown the works of photographers such as Doug M & Sandra S. And written word by Dre P, Modern Typewriter, Sound Bites, Dillon Ryan & Terry W, in the past, to name a few.”

Wynn also added that even though G&G is solely ran by himself and is very time-consuming, It is his passion and he puts forth the effort that G&G deserves.

Wynn: “I know it doesn’t look like it but, like being a hard-working artist, G&G is a non-stop gig. Our week typically starts about 5-6 am, Monday. Paddy Q could back me on that one, I’m sure!. F**k knows I bug him enough. Ha-ha! Compiling gigs/other info goes on all week-long. We begin updating the new week of postings early Monday or Tuesday, depending on my work schedule at my “other” job. Everything is checked. Appropriate pics are collected & the new gigs schedules are posted, accordingly. I write continuously, every chance I get. It keeps my chops up to par.

Wynn went into detail on how a working day operates at G&G and like a well oiled machine, this writer has nothing but the utmost respect for Wynn Curtis for his time and effort put into G&G.

Wynn: “Typically, there are only about 8-14 postings on a weekly basis but it’s the compiling and writing that takes up most of the time. Researching is very time-consuming, too. I’m sure that we miss a lot, but it’s our goal to include as many new gigs in our weekly listings as possible. To stay on top of things, we double-check and update listings on a daily basis. All in all, it keeps us quite busy. Besides that, we try to get to as many gigs as we can, when time, schedules and funds work out. Our goal is to always do more. Mostly, it’s a time thing. And usually, if I feel that an artist is matched with the right venue it makes it all the more exciting to attend.

Wynn Curtis is also a talented photographer as well, and during many gigs and live performances he is able to capture amazing and stunning photos of live performances

(Photo Credit:Wynn Curtis) Artist From top  to bottom – The DiBiases–Taylor S in Lionsault.  Kortni N in Lionsault. John Adams in Moose-knuckle. Jessii The Artist and Andy Brown

When time is not of the essence, G&G will also write spotlight articles on selected artist to provide promotion and help shed some light on up and coming artist.

Wynn: “When the opportunity arises I’ll write an article on select artists, depending on what they want promoted.”

Wynn went on to explain the  “Groove” portion of Gig & Groove.

Wynn: “I also search the net for stories or new music that I think fits the idea of G&G. I also like to keep readers updated on any new tech equipment that’s available for listening to music. That’s the other side of the coin for G&G, a plan that was there right from the start. Hence “Groove”.

Starting out from nothing can be a scary experience but also very rewarding. The constant pressure of producing good quality work can be very time-consuming and over whelming but fortunately, if you believe  enough in the initial idea and give life to something, It will grow and with the help of community involvement. It allows the community to gain insight in the daily workings of what you are providing. I asked Wynn how important community involvement is to a growing business like G&G.

Wynn: “As Brian E says, “Something can grow out of nothing. Everything starts at nothing”. That’s pretty much been my motto right from day one. But it takes a lot of really passionate people to make a real splash, create that hype that it takes to keep a “scene” alive. I believe that one person can start from nothing but it takes support from community support to grow any idea. That’s the real challenge. So community involvement is a must, at all levels, to achieve success. The best example I can think of is, the obvious success of Music NB’s ‘Festival506, which was held here in Chi, last October. I was involved in that party and It was so awesome to witness downtown come to life and support a lot of artists that many of the attendees never heard of before. That’s community. We need more of that in Miramichi.”

After countless interviews, number of community involvement pieces and time-consuming research, I asked Wynn what his first article in music was and I was surprised to find out that we shared a common ground.

Dillon Ryan G&G

Dillon Ryan G&G (Photo Credit: Wynn Curtis)

Wynn: “I believe the first real sit-down interview was with the amazing, truly gifted writer & multi-instrumentalist Dillon Ryan. I love Dillon. He’s an artist that gets “It”. And he’s getting “It” more an more every day. He’s an artist on the move. Nothing better.”

From personal experiences, creating a publication and finding content is the most fun part of the job. By simply meeting new people, hearing the stories they are telling and sharing experiences with one another. You get to meet a lot of creative people, witness new places and connect with those you are talking with. I asked Wynn if there were moments that stood out for him over the years of G&G

Wynn: “There have been a lot of cool moments for the short life of G&G, so far. Sometimes it can be simply capturing a particular photo in the exact way you had envisioned it. That’s happened a few times (i.e.: a few Dillon Ryan photos, a couple of Lionsault, The DiBiases, Metric and others. It can also mean having an article/interview turn out in the way that the original conversation came off, natural, concise, interesting. It can sometimes be tough to pull that one off. So when it’s good, it’s really good. That’s a couple of examples from my personal moments as a writer & photographer.  It’s a really emotional ride with all of these amazing artists.”Wynn went on to tell me a personal moment of triumph for him. a moment during the history of G&G where everything felt right. 

A simple moment or gesture can bring over whelming joy and can be a precious memory to reflect back on through time. Wynn shared a personal achievement of his. One that reflected

Wynn: “I’d have to pin point it down to when The DiBiases’ Dre P was vacationing at Disneyworld, a few months back. He sent the coolest pic of a Gig & Groove tee on the sandy beach of a little island. From a personal point of view, that was the real moment when I thought, G&G brand really means something. Maybe not to a lot of people. But it means something to some. And that’s better than nothing.”

20614773_10154544407295213_864547434_n (3)

(Photo credit: Dre P Castaway Cay, 2016)

There’s not enough pages to write on to capture Wynn Curtis essence as he divulges deeper and deeper into the creation of Gig&Groove. Tirelessly researching content and posting daily and working hand in hand with local musicians and those who are passionate about music. I can’t even begin to describe how hard-working and determined this person is! If anyone deserves a spotlight in this community it should be Wynn Curtis. You can find the official Facebook page here 

Thank you


The Modern-Typewriter

Lucas Durelle





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