Round & Round We Go On Life’s Carousel

As we ride this merry-go round we call life, often times we are faced with hardships and negative people. The stress of those events and people can be crippling on ones self-esteem and we are left with the numbing feeling of being flustered, vulnerable and hurt.

Life sucks, we know that. It’s a constant uphill battle, paved with loose gravel and with each step, you are constantly slipping. Life comes in waves, the constant barrage of bills, health scares, death and diseases. No wonder as a society we are clinically depressed and heavily medicated just to deal with said shit.

In a world filled with wrong doings, snarky remarks, constant pressure and hate. It’s sometimes overwhelming and difficult to find the good in people and when a good act is done upon us, we often question it’s purpose or if there’s a catch to it.

It’s a cynical feeling almost, in the way of “why is this person being nice to me and what do they want?”

The seed of doubt is often planted in our minds by past experiences with those who have wrong us. Always wondering if there’s a second motive to each action which can be quite stressful and irritating.

although we must remember that not all people are struck with the flag of negativity. Important qualities we find in people, are comforting. Trust is a huge quality we all look for in a person and in a world of unexplained actions, trust is a hard quality to find.

Life’s hard enough and here we are constantly trying to make it harder by stiring shit on those we don’t like. Gossiping. Telling rumors. Attacking and assaulting those who don’t submit or agree with your opinion…f**k those people, your never going to please them so why waste your time trying.

Fortunately we all find a crutch to help us stand against the crashing waves of life and the swarming congregation of ill-toungued people.

Some of us find religion. Most of us find love. Some find the endless bottom of a bottle and others light the end of a cigarette. Inevitably we find something or someone to help battle the unbeatable goliath called life and it makes everything easier and worth going through.

So when life gets you down and work has you stressed out. Be like the lost children of Neverland, find your happy thought. Think about the one you love. The beers shared among friends. The pretty girl who smiled at you that one time. Anything positive to occupy your mind to help get you through the day.

The only thing that should matter to anyone is the ones that love you and want to be surrounded by your presence. Don’t waste your time and energy on changing the opinions of others to shine a better light on yourself. Devote the effort to those who already know you’re an amazing person. So to tell it in laymen terms, let the haters hate and surround yourself with those who appreciate.

         “Stop watering dead plants”                                  ~anonymous


The Modern Typewriter

Lucas Durelle


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