The First Experience

Everyday, we experience something new. From the time of being an infant and taking your first steps to saying your first bad word your uncle taught you.

To being a kid and going to the first day of school and making your first best friend, ready to conquer the world.

The first time you get behind the wheel of a car and you feel your foot on the gas pedal, is an amazing experience. When your driving down the road with your favorite song blaring over the radio and the sun sets in the distance as a warm glow of orange covers your face.
A sense of freedom draws over you as you realize you could go anywhere the road will lead you. The traffic is zooming by as you catch the small glimpses of blurred people on the side-walk and the land is covered in green grass and grey asphalt. You feel a sense of comfort. A sense of ease. A sense of accomplishment.

When you get a little older and your age hits into those dreaded teen years. You begin to develop who you are as a person, by experiencing new taste of music, clothes and friends and trying to find your own lifestyle in the mix of things.

The first time you sneak your first drink of liquor you stole from your parents liquor cabinet, hoping your parents don’t notice the liquor bottle is a little lighter than it use to be.

Experiencing college years for the first time is an amazing experience, It could be a drunken haze of excitement and partying or a chance to recognize ones self. The constant pressure of deadlines and test while being inspired by learning something your interested in. Figuring out what you want in life and what makes you the person you are.

Experiencing love for the first time is truly a scary, lustful, exciting, wonderful feeling wrapped in a ball of anxiety.

When you nervously go on your first date, not knowing if you’re gonna make enough small talk to make the night interesting. Cautiously attempting to hold hands as you walk closely together. As the night grows cold and you feel her pressed up against you as you make your move and you watch as her trembling lips grow closer to yours. The first feeling of cautiously kissing someone you like and the overwhelming feeling of joy as they kiss you back. The silence that follows with a trembling smile. The passion between two people, It’s almost like poetry.

The first time your heart is broken and everything seems grey, cold, empty and nothing makes sense in the world. You don’t know how to mend it back again until someone comes along and sew the pieces back together and the one you use to care about is nothing more than another chapter in the big book of your life.

The first time your out on your own in that big open world as an adult and life slaps you in the face with taxes, rent and bills that are over due while working a job that doesn’t pay enough to cover it all.

While all that does sound scary and stressful, it is merely a small spec of sand in the grand scheme of adult life. Freedom to do what your passionate for and experiencing new things is the biggest upside of being an adult.

Just because you age and as life happens, and you don’t land that dream job but you luckily find someone you love and you get married, have children and build that white picket fence you hear everyone talking about. What more can you ask for?. As long as you aim for happiness and new experiences, you will never miss out on the big game of life.

I find some of my most interesting experiences come in the form of conversation with people, I wouldn’t normally converse with.

Recently while I was sitting on a bench, taking my break from work. I was encountered by an old man carrying a very heavy book bag, he sat down next to me with tattered clothing and bummed a smoke. We sat there in silence for a few minutes when I realized that I should be asking him what his story was.

He went on to tell me that he doesn’t know where he went wrong in life but he knows the world isn’t like it use to be when he was young. I sat with him for the duration of my break, just talking about nothing and when I turned to leave he said something that I found to be quite astonishing.

“Times are a changing, People are too afraid to talk to each other anymore.”

Sadly, He’s right. Throughout the day, we do very little for the people around us, even though some are strangers, we should try to take the time to experience what we have to say and do for each other because in the end, that’s all we are. Just people trying to survive this hurricane shit storm of a world and make friends while we do it.

So go out in that big scary world and experience new things. Watch the sun as it sets over still waters, Compliment a stranger that has an awesome t-shirt that you think is cool. Experience something new for the first time.

Tell someone they are beautiful and watch as there smile lights up the room. Travel to exotic places and taste the food and wines of their world.

Do what excites you, Do things that you want to experience in your life. Jump in head first and be adventurous. We all share a common experience and that experience is called life.

As Always


The Modern Typewriter

Lucas Durelle


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