Time And The Forgotten Word Called Boredom.

Time.. A man made conception built to be used by people who have their shit together. Unfortunately I am not one of those people and if you meet someone who says they are, well don’t believe a word they ever say again.

The truth is that I’m usually 5 minutes late for work, every morning, guaranteed. No matter how early I wake up or how prepared I am the night before, I seem to awkwardly walk into work during that morning meeting and be greeted by nervous eyes and uh oh smiles.

Having said that, It’s not being lazy or unorganized. It’s simply living in the moment with a hint of procrastination and when you’re a procrastination, time is a bitch always working against you.

My old man always told me, “You don’t realize how fast time goes by until you get older” and it’s true. I never noticed time until I met my wife and we had 3 beautiful children. I fondly remember sleeping in until noon and staying up past 1:00 am watching movies and playing video games, just being care free and not worrying about scheduling or time.

Now however, is the complete opposite. I believe that many parents and adults will agree that trying to balance between work and family life alone is tedious and time-consuming without adding a social life and personal hobbies in the mix as well.

The truth here is that, none of us have a lot of time to do the things that we truely want to do anymore. Life went ahead and got itself too busy and here we are, rapidly aging while we miss out on the little things in life-like watching our children grow up and learning new things. Enjoying the company of good friends or trying to find the time to write an article on your weekly blog. Nobody has time for spontaneous fun anymore.

We, as a society, are constantly trying to fill in any boredom we can with as much as we can fill it with. I remember the big thing in the 90’s was when you were sitting around with your friends and their was nothing to do and with a sighing breath you would say “I’m bored” …A statement that is no longer spoken in our busy lives today.

Boredom has vanished as the rise of technology and social media has risen to an all time high and I’m not complaining. I’m constantly on my phone either Googling, Redditing or on Facebook and that is the problem. Hardly ever do I, as an individual or we as a group take moments of life and enjoy them without constantly gazing at our small illuminated screens to fill in those awkward silences.

Rarely, do we ever just live in the moment and enjoy our surroundings. Hardly ever do we go to a concert to enjoy the performance of the band without documenting our own existence of being there or enjoying our food while it’s hot and ready to eat without taking a few minutes to capture a photo of the perfectly made cheeseburger with the appropriate amount of sesame seeds so we can post it on Instagram and look back throughout the years and fondly remember that beautiful burger on that very non-eventful day…..yeah.

We’re busy, plain and simple. Time is slipping away and we can’t control that. So take moments of life as it is, just day by day. Go ahead and take a couple extra minutes out of your busy schedule to do the things that you enjoy. Hug the one you love a little longer or have that second cup of coffee in the bright light of the morning as the sun rises. Be alittle less worried about time and alittle more focused on life.

The worlds wont end because you went outside your schedule and did something spontaneous. Tomorrows another day to try to be better at managing time.

Lets Put our phones down and engage in conversations with the ones that surround you. Leave your work life at work and go home and enjoy the rest of the day with the ones you love and take the time to stop and smell the proverbial roses and live in the moment because you might look back one day when your time is up and the only thing you want back are those precious moments that you missed.

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you actually left them” ~ Andrew Bernard

Thank you


The Modern Typewriter

Lucas Durelle


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